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Post-Pie Happiness (PPH)

March 1st, 2009

Acronyms. Is there anything they cant describe? Well, in this crazy world of three letter combo’s, i’ve added to the list PPH, aka Post-Pie Happiness. It describes that unique feeling I think everyone should get after eating a great pie, or any pie for that matter. For, eating a pie without feeling PPH is like a Brazilian Tapir without muddy water… yep, think about it.

So what is PPH exactly? And why ’should’ pie eaters experience this after pie eating? What is a Tapir?

To begin with, lets walk through the emotional stages of eating a knee-wobbling good pie. At first there is usually a low degree of care factor towards the pie. I mean, you are probably hungry for pie, but pie is pie right? Then Mr or Mrs pie maker comes up to you and whispers sweet promises in your ear about how the pie your about to eat is going to make you forget about all of your worries. That you will like the pie that much that your left eye will probably drop out from the intense pleasure you are about to experience.

After the fear of loosing an eye to a pie subsides, you become curious. By this stage the pie has you in its tasty clutches. The crazy pie maker hands you the pie and you look at it thinking, its just a pie… but im a little excited never the less. With a wee smile and sparkle of adventure in your heart, you take your first bite. As you sink your teeth into it, the flavour is suddenly released into you mouth, and the aroma fills your senses. You forget any doubt you may have felt. You heart skips a beat, and a small amount of drool unwillingly finds its way down the corner of your mouth. The experience has begun. You make a little noise of satisfaction, and continue to eat. Its that good that you dont think you will finish it, but the pie maker presses you on. You continue to devour it, and the more you eat the more eager you become to finish it.

Finally, the task is done. You find yourself sitting there (standing would have been too difficult during the experience), pie filling covering your mouth and cheeks. You are slightly cross-eyed and you don’t even realise that your watering cheeks have let free a small stream of drool from your mouth which is slightly ajar. At this moment you’re not thinking. You are stunned as to what just happened. All you can do is smile and groan. You look at the pie maker with gratitude and acknowledgement in your eyes.  The feeling you are now left with is Post-Pie Happiness. The world is  suddenly a brighter place to be in.

It is my belief that every pie maker should endeavour to achieve PPH with their pies. A pie is not just a pie. It is an opportunity to bring happiness and pleasure to the person eating it. It is a little parcel of satisfaction waiting to be released on a persons senses.

So next time you eat a pie, think on this and judge for yourself how much PPH you actually experienced. Did the pie just fill a gap in your stomach, or did you feel like thanking the pie maker after you ate it?

For an example pie that has made more than one jaw slacken, see my Mars Bar pie recipe (coming soon). I have dubbed this pie ‘The knee wobbler’.